clarinet Reduces overhead of identifying security policies

Top security agencies like NIST releases hundreds of security definitions every month. It becomes a nightmare for any organization to assimilates them together and then automate the enforcement through GPO or scripts. It takes many months to implement standards. And by that time, many new standards are released. How do you keep pace to this ever changing requirements

Clarinet solves this problem through its automated assessment and remediation engine. Every month, we release thousands of security policies that are approved by top security agencies like NIST. Our security experts validates them and add fixes to the definitions. They are synchronized in customers environment that gives them ability to pick and choose policies best fit for organization. Clarinet takes the defined policies and enforces them to target machines using a defined and customizable workflow.


Clarinet is for continuous monitoring and patching

Enforce security standards across the organization using continuous scanning and remediation model. Clarinet gives schedule based scanner that validates environment against defined standards. And when it finds inconsistencies, it enforces standard through automated process. This ensure that a machine doesn’t change its compliance state for long. The tool is integrated to other ITSM and configuration management products that gives better control of overall change and rollouts

Clarinet works in different modes - As an independent product, as an extension to common ITSM and Configuration Management product, and as a scripting tool. It maintains the sequences and dependencies to give finer control of Infrastructure.


Clarinet is Heterogeneous

Clarinet is a heterogeneous solution that can scan and remediate endpoints like servers, desktops, laptops, embedded devices, mobile devices and a few IoT devices. We release OS specific definitions and policies that gives administrators easier control when it comes to deployment. Clarinet integrates with common tools like Jenkins to give comprehensive automation capabilities.

Clarinet also offers integrated reporting platform for real time reporting and monitoring. It gives deep level insight on overall Infrastructure security compliance.

Integrated patch management

Clarinet integrates with Harman Patch Management Platform to ensure zero day patching for its customers. This includes OS specific patches for applications, security patches and OS. It also offers 3rd party patching. The patch management offers easy workflow to create custom patches and rolls them out to the endpoints.

Clarinet gives interfaces for automating GPO rollouts. This allow fix elements to have ability to change GPO for user, machine or collection.


development kit

Clarinet offers customization of vulnerability assessment and patching using its custom channels. Customers can use Harman IDE to generate a custom channel, bundle their rules and link it to the scanner or remediation.

The development kit comes with a IDE and SDK that can be used to extend core functionality of Clarinet.

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