Infrastructure as a code

Marimba makes your Infrastructure programmable. You can now write a custom marimba channel using your favorite programming language. The software development kit exposes various interfaces to interact with the platform. These custom channels uses platform services and configurations to ensure consistency. Marimba channel store is a central repository of custom channels. It is the home for over 15, 000 custom channels that customers can use as is or can folk and customize.

Customers can write as many custom channels and possible and achieve specific things. The channels work like apps (mobile apps) that you can push to endpoints to do specific tasks. You can have a custom package, custom patch or a general custom channel. The channels can be a standalone utility or a service-plugin model. They can be orchestrated using Marimba policy, Marimba DM or self-service, like default marimba channels.


Marimba Development Kit

Marimba SDK now comes in Java, C, C++ and C# and offers platform APIs for comprehensive automation. The SDKs offer support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, HP-UX, Mac, AIX, Android, Embedded Windows and Linux.

The SDK also comes with API reference guide, Sample channels and design specifications. Now, any tool, executables, libraries (proprietary or open source) or third party product can easily be integrated in Marimba.

Marimba Development Environment

Marimba released Eclipse Plugin for customers who wants to write custom channels using Java. The development environment is a plugin for Eclipse (

Customers can use out of the box wizard to generate channel skeletons. The IDE gives option to generate code snippets for custom Inventory, Custom patch, Custom ISM or any custom channel. The IDE also gives an integration to Marimba Channel Store. Customers can compile, validate and then publish the channels to store directly.