Embedded castanet manages iot devices

Harman recognizes that the advent of IoT has introduced a new class of devices that perform singular and vital functions in distributed networks and environments today. The Marimba IoT story encompasses a host of applications (developed on top of the core Marimba platform) to enable intelligent automation and management of IoT gateways, sensors, etc. to enhance the endpoint management experience.

By hosting Marimba on IoT-specific and network aware devices, you gain the ability to bring a class of devices within the umbrella of "managed" devices; whether it be to collect data from multiple sensors through a single gateway to supplement Marimba reports, or whether to serve as a low-cost proxy server to optimize large-scale OS/patch deployments over the cloud, Marimba IoT enables and empowers customers.


Manage OTA updates on embedded devices

The Software Update Management set of capabilities brings a holistic set of features to HARMAN’s market facing solutions that guarantee all connected devices will be securely and successfully managed over time, regardless of the network protocol, device platform or operating system. The HARMAN Smart Delta-based Update Generator and Installer have been used in more than 2 billion connected devices across industries to continuously keep devices relevant with efficient, failsafe and secure software updates.

The Embedded Castanet uses smart diffing technique to create a delta update and ensure consistent delivery on devices even on a bandwidth challenging environment. The protocol supports checkpoint restart and byte level differencing to give a powerful platform for rolling out software and firmware updates over the air to connected devices.


Clarinet is Heterogeneous

Clarinet is a heterogeneous solution that can scan and remediate endpoints like servers, desktops, laptops, embedded devices, mobile devices and a few IoT devices. We release OS specific definitions and policies that gives administrators easier control when it comes to deployment. Clarinet integrates with common tools like Jenkins to give comprehensive automation capabilities.

Clarinet also offers integrated reporting platform for real time reporting and monitoring. It gives deep level insight on overall Infrastructure security compliance.

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